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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'll be back

So we bought a flat right? Right. And we have started on an ambitious decorating drive right? Right. And it's all perfectly timed so that by the time we have to leave our old place (today) the paint will be dry and the new place all clean and ready for us to move into right? Wrong.

It'll take another couple of weeks and until then we'll be sleeping on a friend's floor.

Blogging will have to (shock! horror!) take a back seat to the rest of my life while I'm homeless and (more importantly) internet-less.


I will be back.

Until then I'll leave you with a story for Marek, which you shouldn't really read until Monday but I won't tell if you don't.

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Anonymous szwed said...

I for one am looking forward to more tales from Becca in the land of cabbage and zubrowka, glittering with metaphors and refreshingly insightful. It`s like seeing your childhood room through the eyes of a first-time guest, who`ll spot the odd stain on the wall but will also appreciate the way the sun shines in through the curtains, something you will long since have come to take for granted.

Hope that floor is not too hard. Stacks of hay should help.

11:58 am  

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