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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The honest truth

'So how's it going?' I ask Vicky, fellow bridesmaid at my cousin Cath's wedding a few years back, but now sporting a wedding ring and balancing a six-month old boy on her hip.

'Great!' she replied, untangling her son's fist from her hair and putting him down on a rug.

With all these babies around, I was getting increasingly worried about broodiness and decided the time had come for some horror stories.

'Tell me about the birth,' I demanded. 'Was it the most painful experience of your life?'

Vicky turned to me, her eyes solemn and face overcome with a serious expression I was not used to. 'The worst part,' she started, 'was the frizz'.

I frowned, not having come across that particular birthing expression, 'er, what?'

Vicky soon explained, "I had a water birth you see, and the water not only turned me as wrinkly as a prune, but made my hair go all kinky!'

Seriously? The worst part? Once she'd started though there was no stopping her...

'Honestly Becca, if you have a water birth, remember the hair straighteners. I don't think they're officially allowed in hospitals, but give it a go anyway, it's a nightmare otherwise.'

'The other terrible part was the timing.' she continued, 'When I was going back to the ward, it was visiting time so all these people were standing round while I came through with my big hair and makeup all down my face.

'Hang on a sec Vic', I interrupted. 'You had make-up on?'

'Of course!' She looked shocked, and then her face relaxed 'oh, not the full works, but I couldn't go without my mascara. Another problem for water births as it turns out.'

I giggled. 'You're telling me, when your contractions started you were putting on mascara?'

'Yeah, once I'd shaved my legs. Now THAT's not easy with a bump.'

I couldn't hold in the laughter any more and felt awed by the power of selective memory.

No horrific screaming, splitting flesh or seemingly never-ending pain, just shaved legs, frizzy hair and streaky make-up. A modern birth for a modern mother.

It's ok though, I checked with Cath and she remembers thinking she was going to die during her labour, so I'm not in any rush to join in.

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Anonymous szwed said...

Women won`t thank you for it but you have just unmasked one of the main arguments females use when sending men on guilt-trips.

No way I`ll fall for that "try giving birth to a 5-pound baby" ruse again.

I believe there`s a programme on the Discovery Channel called "The Mythbusters". You should be on it.

6:33 pm  

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