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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just to clarify...

I've changed a few things about the blog: No more flickr badge, no more blabbering profile, no more unnecessary details.

Simple reason: I was a teeny bit scared.

Longer reason: When I started this blog it was just a bit of fun, a way of keeping my family and friends in touch with my life in far off Warsaw. When I got my first three readers I was over the moon.

In the year that followed more and more people seemed to come across the blog and then come back. That was a little intimidating at first but flattering too and I carried on regardless, gushing about the Poles, making my daily observations about the oddities of living in yet another country and generally sharing a bit too much information about my life.

The stats now have started to scare me a bit and a couple of people have suggested that I may want to hold back a bit on the private details (we don't want to attract TOO many weirdos now do we?) That's not going to change the things I write about, it's just going to mean a few more initials instead of names, holding back a few details and maybe a bit less look-at-me-ing (but not much).

It is all my fault of course, if you write about stuff on the internet you have to assume people will read it, but to be honest I wasn't aware that there were so many people who had so little else to do. I didn't think anyone would be interested.

A determined person could easily find private details about my life, but I've just decided to stop shoving them in your face (and I'll save you determined people the bother - there's nothing worth knowing).

Right, now that's clarified, we'll get on with it shall we?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are all HARMLESS people. I just like to read blogs at work . I lived and studied 1 year in warsaw ,thats why i like "warsaw" blogs. It has NOTHING to with YOU.
So do not be scared. I am not a pervert or something like that.. Just an harmless 30yo from germany...

12:17 pm  
Anonymous Brendan said...

Q: Do you know what they call the "Fourth of July" in Poland?

A: Wtorek.

12:53 pm  
Anonymous szwed said...

Anonymous, why assume she meant YOU?

1:35 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Anon, I'm sorry I made you feel so defensive. I'm not talking about anyone in particular, just the sheer volume of people. All you harmless people are welcome, I just thought I'd explain the changes.

Brendan, happy 4th July!

Szwed, indeed...

2:19 pm  

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