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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Refugee Day 2006

What do you mean you didn't know? It's today!

I would write more on this but this work thing? It really cuts down on blogging time, especially when you combine it with looking for a flat to buy AND all the extras like eating and sleeping. So, I'll pass on words of wisdom from the UNHCR...

The purpose of World Refugee Day is to draw attention to the plight of refugees, celebrate their courage and resilience, and renew commitment to solving refugee problems. It is also an opportunity to recognise the contribution which refugees make to the countries which host them.

The theme for World Refugee Day in 2006 is "keeping the flame of hope alive" - a salute to the indomitable spirit and courage of the world's refugees.

Shame ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is happening in Warsaw to support this event. What we need is some bright spark to get EU funds to create a big fuss of WRD next year... hint, hint.

In other news, Poland won a football match finally, (shame it was TOO LATE) and it even looked like England might win. Twice. But they drew. Oh well. At least they didn't score any own goals, unlike my personal favourites T&T. Oops.

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