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Thursday, December 01, 2005

You asked for it Keji...

The weekend was fab. I saw Keji* at the beginning and the end and she reminded me how there are in fact things, or more accurately people, I miss in England. It was really great catching up - ta chuck, and don't forget to book that ticket to Warsaw once the big freeze is over.

My family was the same as ever, except slightly transformed by the cuteness of that baby. There's something about a baby, especially a fantastically behaved one, that brings the best out in people.

Since I've been back we've had the Andrzejki experience, Polish lessons, and in between trying (pretty unsucessfully) to read blogs and reply to emails I've done a bit of work and started a five-day workshop with a big group of volunteers leading up to International Volunteering Day on Monday.

I'm going to be absent for a couple of days yet, but don't give up on me that easily... I'll be back.

* Oh, how she's going to love me for sharing that photo... shame I can't witness her face when she sees it for the first time. I imagine it'll be about the same as when I let her middle name slip into a conversation with a friend who she'd been hiding it from... classic.

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Anonymous Revenge will be mine!!! said...

Boodles, you are my friend and I love you lots...but right now... Remember that special kind of hell that I sometimes worry that I might go to when I think or say not very nice things....well I'm beginning to think you might be joining me there cus that is just meeeean!!

And that feeling is not going to go away until u REMOVE IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:35 pm  
Anonymous Kinuk said...

Great photos! VERY cute baby, too.

Good to hear from you again and it does sound like you had a fab time in the UK. Not too cold, was it?

See you soon(ish)...

7:31 am  
Blogger Monef said...


Nice one boodles!!! Loving it! I can picture Keji freaking out right now...You made my day! Reminds me of the look on Keji's face everytime I tell someone how she got drunk and locked herself in the bathroom at that infamous party we had back in Leeds!

9:08 pm  

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