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Monday, October 24, 2005

Not Donald but Duck

Well, looks like Donald (Tusk) has lost out to Duck (Kaczyński).*
That means Poland's president is now a homophobic euro-sceptic who has the support of the xenophobic leader of Poland's nationalistic 'self defence' party. Pretty depressing.
The political map of Poland reminded me of the political map of the States after Bush was re-elected. The regions to the west and north of Poland were in favour of Tusk, whereas the eastern, southern regions voted for Kaczyński. Like in the USA when the coastal regions, and those more open to outside influence voted democrat and the internal states stuck with Bush.
Some blogs I've noticed reporting on the election results: polblog, the beatroot and warsaw station.

* The Polish word for duck is kaczka, giving the media excellent fodder for election humour, especially if they add in the avian flu business...
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In other news, my cooperative body that gave me a sore throat the day of my choir audition has decided that today, the day I am supposed to be giving my first English lesson to Russian speaking refugees, is the day for me to lose my voice and have a whooping-style cough. Thanks.

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