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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable (stolen from Samuel Johnson)

I am once again part of a choir. I'm totally thrilled about it, and to be honest a little smug after pulling off the audition totally in Polish. That was last week and this evening is my first rehearsal.
The thing I'm most excited and apprehensive about at the same time is the fact I've been classed once again as a soprano. I've been thrown backwards and forwards between soprano and alto positions in past choirs but the woman who ran my audition seemed convinced that despite the fact I can sing low, and my range is pretty big, my voice is happiest higher up, and should be trained to feel comfortable up there.
This has made me think about my jazz-singing American singing teacher in Bonn who always gave me soprano pieces to sing, and the wonderful Tim Knight who kept me in the soprano section of the Heritage Singers despite my repeated protests and requests to join the altos.
I fianlly got my way when I joined the Brussels Choral Society. I remember my audition, singing scales. First they saw how low I could go, then we did scales going up, and up, and up... Then they asked what part I wanted to sing and I said that although I'd generally been classed as a soprano I thought I'd feel more comfortable as an alto. The Director didn't hide his surprise but duly appointed me second alto.
I've been found out now though and I'm going to be made to work on those high notes again. Damn.

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Anonymous keji said...

woe to is bad! but congratulations on getting in. and also, going back to your previous the brussels choral society make the women wear those godawful blouses? did u have to wear one...cus that is a serious "woe to me" moment!

9:10 pm  
Anonymous edd said...

ha ha ha, so true. What's the polish costume like? But what I really want to say is congratualtions! I guess the throat cleared up nicely :)

9:24 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Thanks for the congratulations you two, and the comiserations about the costumes. I have yet to see what we have to wear for my new choir but actually we had to wear all black for all the concerts i did with the BCS so i was saved from the godawful blouses :)

10:46 pm  

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