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Monday, October 17, 2005

cheap flights

I've come to the suddden realisation that I may well be single-handedly keeping these low-cost no-frills airlines in business. My flight itinerary for the rest of the year is shocking to someone who is all too aware of the polluting effect of planes, and has been trying really hard to stop spending non-existent money by whipping out credit cards at every available opportunity.
Being a volunteer with NO SALARY should mean I am grateful for every penny I receive and hoard it in a box waiting for the opportunity to spend it on others less fortunate than myself. Instead of which I seem to be listening to the voice in my head that says 'spend, spend, spend, travel, travel, travel.'
Damn that voice.
Now I'm going to show off my itinerary in a vain attempt to justify each trip and make myself feel a little less guilty about all the fun I'm going to have...
End Oct: Little trip to Bonn - Marek will go to a motorshow and drool over motorbikes and other bits of metal while I'll catch up with my jet setting parents who will also be spending a weekend in Bonn. Just a weekend, really cheap flight and only one-way because Marek and I will drive back together. Ahem.
End Nov: Slightly longer trip to UK - I will get to drool this time, over my cousin Cath's brand new daughter Esme and spend quality time with my family who I never see (er, yes I saw them all in August but it'll be November by then...) Totally justified because of new baby and opportunity to visit crazy Keji in Liverpool :-)
Mid-Dec: Back to Bonn to spend a weekend showing some more Poles the delights of Cologne Christmas market. All very noble and altruistic really, I'll drink the mulled wine and eat the sausages out of duty and to set an example for the visitors rather than from real enjoyment.
Christmas: For the first time in years the four of us will be together again for Christmas - I'll fly from Warsaw and Edd will fly from Toronto and we'll meet in the centre of the world which is Brussels. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity which will physically bring together my spread-out immediate family which at the moment is linked solely by email, skype and msn!
So there we go, totally justified trips for the rest of the year.
I think I know what I should resolve to do less of in the New Year. Bet I don't though.

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