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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Today was strange. People kept acting really weird.

I mean first there was that old lady. She was more than strange. I was walking the dogs along the street, minding my own business, enjoying the sun on my face and suddenly this wild-haired shouty woman came from nowhere.

'Don't you know where to WALK YOUR DOGS?' she yelled. I was so surprised, I just looked at her mouth half-open, a 'whaa?' expression on my face. After quickly checking the dogs weren't doing anything like peeing on her fence (or worse), which they weren't, I just decided she was crazy. 'I'LL SHOW YOU WHERE TO WALK YOUR DOGS, OH YEAH' she carried on. 'YOU HAVE NO IDEA!' A little concerned she may start throwing things, or chase after me with a spade, I pulled the dogs along faster and got the hell out of there.

Then there was that other weird lady. I was 'researching' (read wandering around in the sunshine checking something for some work someone gave me) and thinking (because of the work) about the Ghetto Uprising (no, not the Warsaw Uprising of yesterday, another, earlier one). Anyway, this old lady appeared from a dustbin shed and stopped me. 'What is today?' she asked, looking genuinely perplexed. 'Er...' I had to think quickly. Did she mean the anniversary? Was she getting mixed up with yesterday? Did she want me to tell her whose birthday it was?
'Is it Thursday or Friday?' she asked, clarifying what her question had been. 'Ooh,' I replied. 'Thursday. It's Thursday.' 'Thank you so much, I just wasn't sure. But I'm glad it's Thursday.' I nodded and carried on my way. It's just not a question a stranger has ever asked me before.

THEN I was escaping all the mad people and going home, sitting plugged into my music on the bus. It all seemed like a normal tedious bus ride, when a fight exploded. Really. Just like that a grown man was clawing at another grown man's face. The other passengers all surged forward to escape the battle scene, and the men just kept at it. Hitting and punching and above all clawing. It was ugly. They got off at the next stop and just carried on. Fighting in the sunshine. Bizarre.

Weird weird people. Is there something in the air today? Can we go back to normal tomorrow please?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warsaw isn't as bad as you think :D

3:35 pm  

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