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Thursday, July 27, 2006


A couple of nights ago I had a dream where I discovered that I was eight months pregnant (I just looked down and oh! look! huge pregnant belly). Although that wasn't so much of a surprise (I tend to accept whatever my dreams throw at me without much of a fight) I suddenly got very annoyed with myself because I realised I'd never attended any ante-natal classes, where they teach you all about the birth and how to survive without throwing things at the father's head to relieve the pain. I remember thinking 'oh well, I've seen it plenty in films, you just have to keep breathing.'

That was weird.

Then I realised, it's hardly surprising. Everyone around me is popping sprogs like its going out of fashion. The people we're buying the flat from have one on the way in a couple of weeks, a colleague of mine is going to be a dad in a few months and Marek's boss had this little cutie on Sunday...

It may also have something to do with the fact that pregnant women are waddling all over Warsaw at the moment, presumably avoiding going on holiday with the rest of them in case the baby arrives before it's supposed to. There are lots of pregnant Poles, after all they are paying women to have children here now...

Phew, and there I was worrying that my subconscious was trying to give me some kind of message. No babies here! The next one I can coo over will be beautiful little Esme in England in a couple of weeks.

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Blogger Gustav said...

A lot of social pressure, isn't it? Imagine if you had just gotten married... ;)

But all the statistics say that Poland's birthrate is plummeting. Do you think it could just be our age group?

11:35 am  
Blogger Edd said...

OOoh Becca your NeoCounter has been *updated*! I'm excited.

I'd say something about babies but we already talked about this t'other day...

11:02 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

Yeah Gus, I imagine you're taking it from all sides...

Edd you're right it IS exciting. I'm a cheapskate so the funky thing with maps has gone now the free trial's over, but it was fun while it lasted

9:17 am  

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