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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I think it must be terrible to be a minion in the European Commission; one little wheel in the huge machinery that keeps the EU ticking over.

After my internship there I saw how it couldn't possibly be my kind of work... good pay sure, but difficult to get a sense that your work is having an impact, that it isn't just getting swallowed up into the system, lost in a sea of papers and reports that nobody ever reads.

Of course, SOME people manage to do an excellent job, SOME people bag themselves a position dealing with trade agreements between the EU and ACP countries (that's African, Caribbean and Pacific countries people, keep up). SOME people have been in Jamaica since Friday, having massages on beaches and free pina coladas while pretending to prepare for a Very Important Conference.

Now that kind of job I wouldn't mind. Need an assistant Dad?

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Anonymous Dad said...

Half past four - too early to wake - go back to sleep. Ten past six, that's better. Ten past SIX! The alarm(s) were supposed to go off at 5-00 so I could get the shuttle at 6-00 to the airport to get to Kingston for more talks. Don't wash, don't shave just put on business suit get everything carryable and go. Shuttle?, nah. Taxi, yes, just wait here in the sun...

After that I did get here, but I can't check into my room till after my talks start so I'm an unshaven crumpled mess in hotel lobby. Jealous? Don't be... (Actually it is quite fun. love Dad)

5:54 pm  

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